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Taxes and fees in Italy

Memorandum: Estimation of the extra expenses related to a Real Estate Purchase:

The following expenses are subject to Italian Laws and rules and, in some cases, they are related to other private companies supplying services. So the estimation is subject to discrepancies, also in relation to the time necessary for the completion of the works, as many of the costs are due upon completion.

The buyer is supposed to pay some of the expenses at the signature of the preliminary contract:

  1. Legal fees: our Firm applies legal rates provided by Italian law (Decree 127/2004), that is equal to the 1 %, subject to a minimum of 1.600,00 Euro. The fee covers the whole procedure until the Notarial deed.
  2. Expenses for the registration of the preliminary contract (optional, so if requested): fixed tax 168,00 Euro + 0.5% of deposit + stamp duties. The service of the registration is included in the Legal fees.

The rest of the expenses will be paid on completion (Final deed):

  1. VAT (IVA in Italy) = 10%  (4% for the resident) – This will be paid to the builder with the balance.
  2. Expenses for the changes =  depending on the changes, it will be paid to the builder together with the balance.
  3. Notary fee = Around 2 % (depending by several elements listed in the Notarial invoice, the incidence is higher for small units as also the Notaries use to apply minimum fees).
  4. Registration tax =  fixed 168.00 € (included in the Notarial fees)
  5. Cadastral tax = fixed 168.00 € (included in the Notarial fees)
  6. Mortgage tax = fixed 168.00 € (included in the Notarial fees)
  7. Public services connections: depending on the companies which provide the services themselves, in general this expense is around 500,00 / 800,00 € (total).
  8. Final lotization costs and registration of the unit to the cadastre: they are connected to the professional who will be appointed to complete the lotization (architect, engineer, geometer). In general around 1.000,00 Euro, also comprehending the necessary taxes.

Total estimated disbursements around 14% of the price.

The specific amount of the disbursements will be sent to each client in our Notarial deed report, that contains all the instructions to legally and properly go ahead with the final deed. This document will be available after the registration of the units to the cadastre, so usually one/two months before the Notarial deed.

Note: All the tax percentages to be calculated on the full price of the property.

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