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Local Delicacies


If you like fish, you will be in paradise here with an abundance of freshly caught seafood including lobster, tuna, octopus and a wealth of other delicacies to choose from.

Vegetarians who do not eat fish have a variety of options too – there always being the option of a hearty plate of rice and beans on a restaurant menu.  The local speciality, cachupa, a type of stew, comes in a vegetarian (or “poor man’s”) version, which includes boilded maize, beans, herbs, cassava and sweet potato.  Jams and semi dried fruits is also a local favourite, often served with goat’d cheese.

You will generally find a good selection of restaurants in the main towns offering different choices of cuisine including local Creole and Portuguese specialities. Many restaurants will have live, generally Cape Verdean music, at least one evening a week.

The smaller islands will not have the same choice of restaurants, and where there are eateries there may be a little choice on the menu with the only option to eat what they have prepared that day. However, they will want to do their best to please you but they won't be in a terrific hurry, so don't be surprised at slow service, just relax and enjoy the atmosphere and people. Expect to pay between £15 and £25 for a three-course meal with wine.

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